Welcome to Keith – our New Sensei

If you go to the Instructors tag you will find a new Instructor. Whereas CJ and Lou give lessons in the club whilst I am in attendance they are not always available to take the club if Sue and I are not there for any reason.

As Sue and I retired from our “normal” jobs recently we would like to do some travelling. This meant that we would need a full time Instructor at Sensei Status. The obvious choice was Keith Edwards as he has been a 1st Dan Black Belt for some time, is experienced and can attend the lessons when Sue and I are not there thus making sure that the Buntingford Karate Club can keep open for the greater part of the year (school holidays included!!).

We are very grateful to Keith for him stepping in like this. Keith is fully insured to teach and has been given a Criminal Records Check allowing him to teach young children.

Welcome Aboard Sensei Keith!!

Sensei Bill.

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