Lockdown Training With a Jo Staff

Let’s be honest, this Covid 19 situation is beginning to take it’s toll on life and it’s unlikely things are going to get back to normal for a while if ever again.

Home life has become a bit of the norm and adjustments have had to be made, going out as a family has meant staying in as a family, work has been done from home meaning the commute to school/work has been eliminated giving more time to get more done and still have time to do the things we love to do.

The downside has been Clubs/Gyms have closed down and getting that all important exercise has taken a bit of a hit while we wait for everything to blow over, well here we are two months or so in and there’s no sign that the world is ready to quite resume so needs must and we must adapt where we can.

Keeping active in the Duncan household has been really helped by the beautiful sunshine and the use of the garden. We’ve all been out there doing various bits and pieces, the girls have been working out on their gymnastics equipment whilst the boys have been practising their karate skills to save them from going too rusty.

One particular favourite has been practising our Jo stick work as taught by the master of the sticks CJ Hooper, as you can see from the following video Kyler has really started to finesse his Jo stick skills, of course with any learning there’s always some oops moments!!

Jo Stick Training

We all miss being in the DOJO with all of our friends and very much look forward to returning once the world allows it, till then we just practise, practise, practise and wait with great patience… Oss!!