Locks and Kata

I spent some time this week going over the use of finger, wrist, arm and elbow locks in a street self defence, anti mugging situation. There is a very useful double handed X block (ju ji uke) that can be used to block, catch and then adapt to either a variety of locks, take downs or counter strikes. The students all enjoyed this and I tested them out on Thursday night by attacking them one after the other as if it was a street mugging attack. I spent a lot of time getting shoved to the floor and getting whacked!

I also took them through a good range of their kata. Our youngest member, Jaden (aged 10) has learned up to and including Heian Nidan, and although she does not perform this with any great attack at the moment you can almost hear the cogs turning in her head as she works her way through it – often without a fault. She really does amaze me – so I told her so.


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