Martha gets her 2nd Kyu

Hi Folks.

Martha joined the Buntingford Karate Club with her two brothers (one older (Brogan) and one younger (Charlie)) a few months ago when their karate club closed down. She had obtained Brown belt 3rd Kyu under her old instructor but I wanted to improve her standard before she took a grading with us.

Martha and her brothers have been working hard to come up to our standard. Charlie is at present a Purple/white belt (4th Kyu) and Brogan is Brown belt 3rd Kyu. Last night (Thursday) Martha took her Brown belt 2nd Kyu with us.

Brown belt gradings at the Buntingford Karate Club involve kick/punchbag work, short but complex basics, three kata – Bassai Dai, Tekki shodan, and one Heian kata of the examiner’s choice. They must also take part in Ippon kumite, jyu ippon kumite, okuri Jyu ippon kumite, and self-defence against knives, bottles and strangles.

Martha applied herself with the enthusiasm that the club has come to recognise in her. With a final score of three 9’s out of a possible three 10’s she was very impressive. Well done Martha.

You can see from the pictures how delighted she was!

Sensei Bill.