More Grading Successes

Hi All.

Last night at the Buntingford Karate Club Libby took a grading to confirm her belt colour and Finn went for his next belt, 6th kyu (green).

Libby came to us from another club where she had already just graded to red belt. However, their red belt was the equivalent of our orange. So, if Libby passed her belt should would have, in effect, stayed on the same grade but with a different colour (orange). Our next belt colour after orange is red. As it turned out, Libby did such a good grading that she passed up to our red belt (7th kyu), so she does not have to change the belt colour that she is wearing!!! Confused? Try being the sensei, ably assisted by Keith, our assistant instructor!

Finn had no such confusion attached to his grading, and he showed a very marked improvement to his 7th kyu grading – which is exactly what we are looking for!

Well Done both.

Sensei Bill