Nev and Dale pass their gradings

Hi There.

These two students have only recently joined the Buntingford Karate Club. Well….in Dale’s case that’s not strictly true. You see Dale joined with his father Pat a few years back and then left us because the family moved away from the area. Then, out of the blue, I get a e mail from Dale saying can he rejoin….and bring his 10 year old son with him? Crikey, was it really that long ago?

Anyhow, Dale joined (with Harrison) but we could not remember what belt he had obtained when he left us all those years ago and we do not keep records for that length of time. So, it had to be a re-grading.

Keith Edwards and I were the judging panel and at times we sat with our mouths open as he went through his grading. Suffice it to say, he passed with flying colours.

In Nev’s case, she joined us after a long period (some years) of not training, but with a club elsewhere. Nev could not remember what grade she got to either, so…a re-grading!

It was fairly obvious from her training in class that she is not white, Yellow or Orange (Ungraded/9th Kyu/8th Kyu) but was probably around Red or Green. As it turned out she got her Red belt (7th Kyu) but is not far off getting her 6th Kyu (Green).

Very good performances turned in from both Karate-Ka with much technical correctness.

Well done both!

Sensei Bill.