Onwards and Upwards

If you are a regular reader if the Blog for the Buntingford Karate Club you will have noticed that I have not blogged for  a couple of weeks. We had half term and this always affects numbers and there have been a few “technical hitches” but here I am back again.

So what’s new?….Well I have built on the success of the Yoga Night (see earlier blog) and have now incorporated some of the breathing techniques into the warm up and start of the lesson and I also use it as a relaxation technique directly after the end of a lesson. As the Buntingford Karate club always ends with about 15 to 20 munutes freestyle sparring for all the students I think this is a good way of calming down their endorphin levels!

Tomorrow I am back at the Unknown Soldier recording studio to put the final touches to The Set Up. which has been tweaked again by a very gifted film maker. Both this lady and Unknown Soldier have been quite a find for the Buntingford Karate club. So, any day now we should go Live withWarrior the club’s action film.

I am also pleased to report an increase in interest in my Self Defence courses and hope to be doing a few more very soon. Though I do say so myself at £12.00p per adult person for two hours this represents very good value for money.

Meanwhile I have been teaching all of the students the katas Sochin and Kwanku-Dai. Yes, that’s ALL of the students as it is my opinion that even the lowest graded student should stretch themselves.

Onwards and Upwards indeed!

Sensei Bill.

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