Owen’s Lesson a Success

Hi Folks. Last night at the Buntingford Karate Club Owen (2nd Kyu – Brown belt with one white stripe) took the lesson. It is one of my stipulations that every Brown belt grade has to have taken a lesson before they can grade for the coveted Black Belt.

Both Owen and Sam are 2nd Kyus and will be taking their 1st Kyus in a couple of weeks time (watch this space). Sam has already taken a lesson so it was Owen’s turn to be out the front and in charge of the whole lesson.

Owen was understandably nervous at the start but he settled into his role very nicely and all of the students (some 13 in all) enjoyed what he put them through.

Owen afterwards admitted that he now realised how hard the Sensei’s job is; keeping an eye on the students, giving encouragement but also picking up on mistakes, and keeping the class moving and motivated….and don’t forget those water breaks!

Well done Owen.

Sensei Bill.