Rick – Now Ready for Black Belt!

Hi All. We had another grading at the Buntingford Karate Club last night (Thursday 2nd November). This was for Rick who was going for his 1st Kyu.

Rick does a lot of gym work and power training and so he gave the kick bag part of his grading (see the 1st Kyu Syllabus) short shrift! I certainly would not want to be on the full bore receiving end of his mawashi geris!

I was ably assisted in the judging by my Assistant Instructor Keith Edwards and we both agreed that Rick had carried out a very competent grading and that he was certainly worth the last Brown colour of 1st Kyu.rick1stkyu

Rick has recently become the father of a cute little girl to add to his rather large family, so a good end to the year all around.

Rick is now well aware that he is now training for his Black Belt. In the Buntingford Karate Club I do not hold one-off gradings for my students, instead I watch them over 12 months and at the end of that time (or thereabouts) I award the student their Black Belt if they have put the work and effort in. I find that this sets a high standard. Why would you want to hold a separate grading for someone who trains with you all the time?…unless it’s for money.

I make NO CHARGE for my Black Belt gradings. So GOOD LUCK Rick and carry on getting better and better and I am sure you will achieve that next Belt colour.

Sensei Bill.