Sensei Bill becomes an Author

Yes, you did read that correctly. I have written an all-action story that I have called VENGEANCE and I have had it published on Amazon. It’s a good long read at 714 pages and people who have read it so far have described it as “Exciting”, “Well Researched” and “A real page turner”, which I am obviously very pleased about.

What’s it about? I’ll quote you from the back cover:

“INTIQAM – The Arabic word for VENGEANCE; INTIQAM – A fanatical new terrorist organisation; INTIQAM – Has infiltrated the British Security Services.

FRANK CROSS is the top agent and assassin in a secret government organisation called the Specialist Operations Unit (SOU). Cross is a Martial Artist and Marksman and he has uncovered the Intiqam plot to bring down the British way of life by destroying the British Security Services from the inside. Blamed for a crime that he did not commit, Cross must find out who he can trust in the SOU because the treachery may go right to the top. He must bring down the forces of Intiqam before it is too late. However, Cross must act fast as he is also being hunted by a deadly international assassin – known only as The Scorpion.”

The book is set mainly in England and the Caribbean but there are references to other exotic locations around the world. There’s martial arts training and action, skulduggery, treachery, heroes and villains. There’s glamour and assassinations, and a good number of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

If you would like to buy a copy (Please) then go into the book section of Amazon and type in William R Hooper in the search box and VENGEANCE should come up. It’s available as an E book or as a paperback.

Go on…Buy one…you know you want to!

Sensei Bill.