Sochin Or Is It Suchi?

So today we did some pretty advanced black belt kata with a very complex kata called Sochin.

Having only really just got heian shodan and heian nidan I have to say this was extremely complex and I probably sucked at it, but then I am game for the learning experience and it was great to get some sort of insight into what is coming up WAAAAAY down the line, almost thank god for that!

So why the suchi I hear you say, well as with with the usual explanations he provides about most of the history and pronunciation behind karate and the lingo Bill was ensuring we could all say the name correctly, and when said as such and at speed sochin almost certainly sounds a little like suchi as noticed by most of the members on the night.

So sochin is not pronounced “so – chin” as one may expect, it’s more pronounced by dropping the final n sounding like “so – chi” which if you say fast enough and give it a husky Japanese accent (go on give it a go) very much sounds like suchi.

So that’s how it sounds, here’s how it looks … keep up!

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