Stick fighting.

I am having to catch up with two lessons for this week, both Tuesday and Thursday.

I had CJ, the Buntingford Karate Club Jo and Bo specialist, take the lesson on Tuesday and once again the members thoroughly enjoyed the lesson….and not a single rapped knuckle or bruised finger in sight.

When using the sticks it is important to try and be “friendly” with it. If you try and force certain movements to happen they simply do not. I know it sounds corny but you must try and be “at one” with the stick. It can help to name your stick. My own Jo staff is called “zanshin” which means awareness.

Once you have learned the basics of holding, twirling, whirling and manoeuvering your stick you should try it with your eyes shut – but be careful of the china ornaments!…..Well, Jedi can do it so why can’t you?

Sue took the lesson on Thursday. She always gives a hard training lesson and sticks (excuse the pun!) to a basic lesson. And, if any of you reading this out there already practice a martial art you will know that a basic lesson can be a real toughie!

Sensei Bill

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