Success for Harry

HarryAt Tuesday evening’s lesson Harry took his 3rd Kyu (1st Brown Belt) under my critical eye. Harry had been steadily improving in the Buntingford Karate Club since his last grading and he seems to get a fair amount of practice in….this is as well as helping to run the local Cub Scout group and also practice Tae Kwon Do on a Wednesday night – and he is also studying for his school exams!!

He gave a very good account of himself and had rectified the mistakes that he made at 4th Kyu (Purple/White) level. Unfortunately he made some others, notably in his kata which was unusual as he likes his kata. However, mistakes there were, and they knocked some points off his final score. But he still turned in an excellent performance.

So, now that Harry has his brown belt he can start to train for Black!!!

Sensei Bill.

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