Successful Grading for Ben

Hello Folks. Sorry about the lay off from blogging but Sue and I went to New Zealand in February and I quite got out of the Blog habit!

So, Ben took and passed his purple belt (5th Kyu) a few weeks back and I told him then that if he put in some extra effort then I would grade him earlier than usual. Ben put the work in Ben resize(1)and yes, he graded ahead of schedule. Ben turned in a superb performance n the night and is well deserved of his grade.

The Buntingford Karate Club have been asked to take part once again in this year’s Buntingford Carnival, and of course we said yes.  I don’t usually do what most karate clubs do at fetes and carnivals and that is we don’t do karate! If that sounds odd then consider that giving demonstrations of basic training can be very boring to watch for the uninitiated. So what we do is about a dozen displays of self-defence where we act out a theme – a street mugging, an attempted robbery etc and we dole out the consequences to the attacker. Yes it’s staged, but hey…that’s Hollywood!

Why don’t you check out our last display here on this website?

Sensei Bill