Another successful grading

On Thursday (12.7.12) I had another student who was ready for grading. Abigail (or Abi) was going for 8th Kyu (Orange) belt. Abi is very keen on her karate but circumstances in her life have been conspiring to keep her away from the club more than she would like. For that reason she had beed stuck on 9th Kyu (Red) for quite some time. However I knew that she had it in her to succeed and she turned in a blinder of a grading. As she was going so well I decided to throw in a few extras in the Kihon (basics) that her grade does not usually have to see if she could cope, and she did….very well. When it came to her Kata I not only gave her the Kata for the grade she was attempting but the one above and the one below…what a swine eh? She performed these admirably and then we got to the Kumite (sparring – in this case, 1 step sparring). I gave her the sparring for her grade but I made her do it with Marcus, one of our black belts. When she had finished the moves for her grading I asked Marcus to throw a few more in which were not in the grading and he attacked with kicks. Abi did extremely well and turned in such a great performance that I double graded her to 7th Kyu (Yellow). So here is a pic of our Abi proudly wearing her Yellow belt.

We were also delighted that the Hertfordshire Mercury published a picture of Rick on his Orange Thursday. Rick is a very keen (and useful) member of our club being a wiz with computers…..where do you think this website came from? He is also a keen blogger…read his blogs here attached

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