Successful Gradings for Daizee-Mai and Chantelle

Hi Folks.

Yes, it’s been another successful grading for two students of the Buntingford Karate Club. They took their grading on 24/2/2022 and both young ladies passed with flying colours.

Chantelle was going for her Orange belt (8th kyu) and Daizee-Mai was going for her Green belt (6th kyu). My Assistant Instructor, Keith Edwards, sat with me as the examination panel and we were both impressed with the standard and quality of the girl’s techniques, particularly their various kicks.

Both girls performed two katas each and, although Daizee-Mai had a bit of a hiccup in Heian Nidan the overall strength of performance carried her through (particularly as afterwards she freely volunteered that she had gone slightly wrong and what it was).

Well done ladies!

Oh, and Daizee-Mai is one of the Dynamic Duncan family that train with us.

Sensei Bill.