More successful gradings

Hi All.

This Tuesday and Thursday saw Tara, Jaycee, Phillipe and Kyler taking their next belt grades at the Buntingford Karate club. Tara, Phillipe and Jaycee were all going for Orange (8th Kyu)

whilst Kyler was taking his Purple and White belt (4th Kyu).

It’s one of those things, that members can perform fantastically in a “normal” lesson and can cope with just about anything I can throw at them….but then they take a grading and the dreaded nerves come into play.

Having said that, I always allow for student nerves, as I know from teaching them that their usual training standard is higher than their grading.

It resulted this time in the orange belt graders performing slightly slower than they usually do. However, their techniques were good and only a couple of silly mistakes crept in.

Kyler, lost his way in Heian GoDan, a kata that I know he knows. So, I made him do Heian GoDan five times (and then sweep the floor) before I awarded the belt. All’s well that ends well.

Well done all.

Sensei Bill.