Back After the Summer Break

I am very please to say that we had a terrific turn out of members after the School summer break. The Buntingford Karate Club was really buzzing with enthusiasm from all of the members and there was many a sweaty brow within about 15 minutes of starting the basic Karate training. Despite the lay off the Karate students went to it with a will and I am sure that there must have been a few sore muscles on Wednesday!

On Tuesday I went over a large number of the basic Shotokan blocking and striking techniques and we also went over front kicks (mae geri) and roundhouse kicks (mawashi geri). I let them have a a section where we did One Step sparring with any attack, any block and any counter. These are often more successful than pre-arranged “rehearsed” techniques and gets the students used to reacting for both Self-Defence techniques and for Freestyle Sparring.

I rounded of with kata but I played a game with them by getting them to face in a different direction to “normal” and go through it. It caught a lot of them out as their usual room reference points were all “wrong”.

On Thursday I went over some basics again and added in both the side snap kick (Yoko geir keage) and the thrust kick (Yoko geri kekomi) . I also went over the jumping front kick (Mae tobi geri) and got them to land softly which was quite a task for some of the bigger lads!

I also got them to defend themselves from being pulled in as a human “ball” on the floor as if someone was kicking them whilst they were down and then took this on to being able to fall down to one side a scissor kick the attackers legs from under them. This is very useful as both a surprise attack/reaction and also is handy if you lose you balance or fall over something and end up on the floor.

We ended with some freestyle sparring which all enjoyed.

It’s good to be back training!

Sensei Bill

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