Half Term and a Yoga Ad

Hi All. I had to wake some of the students up this week after the return to lessons after school half term holidays. As most “dedicated” martial artists know you only get good at this by hard work and practice. I also play the guitar and the alto saxophone and to get any good at them I had to practice. I often say to people that to get good at anything you have to practice, practice, practice and practice and when you are fed up with practicing you must practice some more. I remember when I first started karate training in in 1972 I trained twice and then 3 times a week at the club I belonged to and then practiced at home by going up and down the hallway from the front door to the dining room door (about 20 feet) over and over again. But sometimes the penny does not drop with people and they think that training once a week and watching Bruce Lee films is all you need to do. Sometimes that penny needs a bit of a push to make it drop!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class Advert

Excuse my obvious frustration but my students, all of them, are damn good and I hate to see good talent go to waste. I will just have to up my level of teaching.

On another note you will recall that Nicola Dix came to the Buntingford Karate Club and gave us a lesson on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Nikki has decided to open a Yoga class here in buntingford on a Monday night. If you are interested (and she’s very good) call her on 07925 022 008, or e mail nicola@mettayoga.co.uk or go to her website a www.mettayoga.co.uk.

Frustratingly Monday is one of the nights when I practice both Guitar and Saxophone because my wife goes swimming that night and I can make as much noise as I like!

Sensei Bill

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