Training in the Dark.

Tuesday’s lesson was unusual too say the least. You see, in my day job, the company decided that their staff should all have a Flu jab to keep down staff sickness levels…….and yes, you’ve guessed it….we all went down with the Flu!

Any kind of bug seems to head straight for my throat and vocal chords and thus it was that I lost my voice. I went to the class on Tuesday but I had text my cousin CJ (he of the flying sticks) to ask if he could run the lesson and thankfully he was able to.

I called all the students around at the start and whispered to them that Sensei had lost his voice. There was great merriment all around! Rotten lot!

I therefore dumped Jake in it by getting him to take the exercises and then CJ took the lesson.

Now….it just so happens that our Elisha had asked me earlier if we could do some training with the lights off. I do this from time to time, after all, you don’t always get attacked in broad daylight!

So CJ organised one step sparring and anti mugging techniques in the dark. So, for some members, …wait for it… it was their darkest hour! (well two actually).

Now, CJ has a hearing problem and he afterwards said to me that it was a rather odd night. that he couldn’t hear anything, I could not speak and the students could not see!!

Sensei Bill.

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