Training For Gradings

We have three white (ungraded) belts at the moment, Jayden, Ben and Sam. They are all quite keen to grade, and, as is the case with all beginners, they have all had their training evenings where they have not been up to my standard. However, they have all put in the effort and they will all be going for their gradings this coming Tuesday (22nd October).

For their First Buntingford Karate Club grading the beginners have to show all the major blocks: upper block, inner block, outer block, and downward block. They must demonstrate lunge punch and standing punch. They must demonstrate front kicks, side snap kick and side thrust kick. They have to perform Tai Kyo Kyu Kata and show that they can do 5 step sparring. They have to do all this with as few faults as possible because at my club it is not guaranteed that if you turn up for a grading that you will pass!!

I’ll let you know how they get on……

I also intend to grade some other members just before Christmas and, as Christmas is not far away, I think the time limit has dawned on them!

I have never ever adopted the policy in the Buntingford Karate Club that a great many karate clubs operate; I grade members when they are ready and NOT after they have completed so many lessons (or paid me consequently so much money!). I have never been interested in making loads of money out of my students. I am more interested in teaching them the skills and morals of the Martial Arts.

One of my girl students was recently involved in caring for someone at her school where the person dislocated her knee cap. The student helped the casualty out and considerably calmed the situation over a number of hours until the casualty was taken to hospital. The young lady concerned started her training on Thursday night and I could tell that there was something wrong, she was not entirely focussed. It was only at the end of the training when it was her mother, coming to pick her up, that told me of the effort made that day. I am sure that her training with us over the last few months allowed her to draw on her now proven considerable resolve. Well done!

Sensei Bill

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