White Turns To Red X 3

So today was the day that our junior white belt members Sam, Ben and Jaydan have been training so hard for over the past months, it was grading day where those white belts would become red belts taking them into the next journey of their karate careers!

As I live with Jaydan I can tell you that she has been chomping at the bit ready for this day to come and practising very hard at home as I’m sure was the case for the other two.

Grading took part in half the hall while the rest of the class trained in the other half, Bill had Keith to help watch and assess the gradings as he was injured from shenanigans at bowling so it seems.

The 9th kyu grading consisted of some basic moves of different punches and kicks at various heights, individual toykyo kyu Kata, 5 step sparring including a little help from Alisha with Jaydan and finally some basic verbal questioning at the end.

Every one of them performed to the best of their ability, the real surprise package on the night was Ben, he really pulled himself together and did a smashing performance, as a result of all their hard work and dedication every single member passed their kyu with flying colours ultimately meaning that the buntingford karate club now no longer has any white belt members which is good news.

Well done guys (and gal)

If you fancy having a similar journey then why not get in touch with Bill about coming down and seeing what the club is all about and joining up.

Videos from this grading to come soon.

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