Big crop of Brown Belts for the Buntingford Karate Club

Hi Folks.

On Tuesday 4th December we had 5 students going for respective Brown belts: John was going for his first brown (3rd Kyu), whilst Ben, Dale, Owen and Sam were going for their 2nd Kyu colours (Brown with one White stripe).

The grading for all of them involved some hard kick/punch bag work, followed by a wide variety of basics, then various kata forms including Tekki Shodan and Bassai Dai plus a number of Heian Katas. After this they had One Step sparring in which they had to demonstrate locks and take-downs apart from the usual punching and kicking techniques. This was followed by various counters against knife stabbings and attempted strangle holds. The students started grading as a group at 7pm and finished at 9pm – Phew!

ALL of the students performed exceptionally well, with Ben managing a double grade.

From left to right in the photo we have Owen, John, Ben, Sam and Dale (click on the photo to open it up).

WELL DONE to you all.

Sensei Bill.